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Sadly, bad management is rampant across all industries, and certainly marketing departments aren't immune to it. At Find My Marketer, we've created a list of 5 bad marketing manager archetypes to avoid:    The Nitpicker: This individual looks at everything, small and large – and typically the feedback they give is critical. People around them can't do anything right, and everything has to be perfect. Attention to...
At the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, many of the first jobs to get cut were freelancers, as executives tried to save as many full-time staff positions as they could. Now, they could be the first people hired back. In a recent survey, 76% of executives stated that they plan on hiring more freelancers in the future. Because companies don’t pay for healthcare or other benefits, freelancers are often an attractive option in...
While many roles are specialized, marketing jobs today still often require a mix of different hard skills that go beyond the immediate requirements of the job. That’s why having a varied skill set you can point to on your resume is often a great bonus for potential candidates. Here are 5 skills you should emphasize on your resume and during the interview process:   Copywriting  Good copywriting will take you...
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