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By Christina Nguyen   If you’ve spent any time in the field of marketing, you start to realize that there’s no single direction that all marketing departments pursue. Each industry is different, and even companies in similar industries focus on wildly different approaches to brand awareness, content tone and voice, the buyer journey, and the marketing channels and technologies they employ.  Because it’s...
Like many other professionals, marketers have been forced to reassess and shift over the past six months due to Covid-19. In this free webinar, we’ll cover those shifts in priorities, as well as the five core marketing skills that many companies are recognizing they need today. Join our webinar on November 12, 2020 to learn about those and other skills you should hire for, plus get recruiting tips to help attract the right...
By Christina Nguyen   Even in the toughest hiring periods such as the current pandemic, it’s important to keep in mind that, as a candidate, you’re evaluating the business as much as the business is evaluating you. And if’s a good workplace, that business will want to make a good first impression, putting its best foot forward in order to attract the best candidates.   Unfortunately, not every business...
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