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By Christina Nguyen    Many of you may wonder: Do you need a cover letter? These days, many employers mark cover letters as optional on job applications, which leads to many applicants not to submit them. But that would generally be a mistake. While it is extra work to apply, doing a cover letter can certainly help you stand out if you craft it in the right way.  What’s hard with the current marketing job...
By Christina Nguyen   Human beings love stories. They’re easy to remember, often move the listeners emotionally, and help provide context to facts or known outcomes. Interviewers, like all people, love hearing stories too. So, before heading out to any marketing job interview, it’s good to prepare certain stories around some common questions. Remember, the stories you recount don’t all have to draw from work...
By Christina M. Nguyen In a tight job market, it’s tempting to accept the first role that comes around, and not consider the culture – what it’s like to work at a particular organization. But “culture fit” is a huge aspect of any job search. Who works at the organization, how bosses treat employees, how much people work, what the perks are, and what social dynamics exist, are often big determinants of an...
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