4 Ways to Find Great Marketing Talent

4 Ways to Find Great Marketing Talent

By Christina M. Nguyen

As roles have become increasingly specialized, HR professionals have steadily moved away from job-site aggregators to find specific professional talent. While Monster, Career Builder, and Indeed still have large volumes of job seekers and traffic, often the volume of applications that come from such sources flood recruiters’ inboxes, causing them to pore through stacks of often irrelevant resumes.


To save money and time, we would encourage HR professionals to “think like a marketer” and ask themselves the following questions to target the right talent: What are the characteristics of a talented marketer? Where do they hang out? How do I attract them to my “product” (company)? While the coronavirus crisis has tilted the playing field in the direction of hiring companies, it’s still important to narrow down the pools to find the best candidates for the role.  Here are a few tips to find great marketing talent.  


  1. Don’t just focus on a marketing bachelor’s degree, look for follow-up certifications and education.

Great marketers will invest in their own professional development. College degrees alone won’t teach everything related to a real-life marketing job. Many great marketers came into the field from other areas and could’ve decided on their career well after their college graduation. Hence, it’s key to look at any follow-on education such as certifications (such as Google Analytics or Google Ads), which show initiative and the drive to develop concrete, specialized skills. On the flipside, if your company continues to offer professional development and you can highlight such opportunities, great marketers will take often be attracted to you and will stand out in the screening process.

  1. Look for writing skills. Ask for a sample.  

Marketers need to be able to communicate. Period. Whether they have to write copy for an email, website headlines, or even help draft or edit whitepapers, the end user has to be able to understand what’s written and take action. Too many companies hire marketers that can’t (or won’t learn) to write. While this isn’t a strict requirement for those in analytics or operations (internal-facing) roles, good analysts or marketing operations managers also communicate well within the company and/or to clients. Hence, it’s important to ask to see a writing sample with most marketing job applications.  

  1. Start thinking about remote opportunities to widen the pool of great candidates.

If you weren’t convinced that marketers could work at home before coronavirus, you’re probably convinced now. With virtual meeting technology and access to shared drives, remote work is easier than ever. And while in-person camaraderie and team-building is important in any organization, marketing roles are perhaps the easiest to make remote in that very few functions absolutely require staff to be at a headquarters. Companies that previously recruited only locally can and should expand their reach (especially now) to help them land the best candidate for the role. Allowing for remote work also has the benefit of communicating the company’s flexibility and trust with marketing staff.   

  1. Look at specialized job boards and even universities.

It’s important to target talent in a place that shares content or community on a particular specialized topic. Marketing is no different and whether you choose Find My Marketer and the community we’re building here (aimed at candidates who want to improve their skills), or another source, your message will be guaranteed to be relevant. In addition to specific job boards, the other great breeding ground for candidates comes from professional graduate programs, especially at universities that offer masters programs in marketing for working professionals. While in-person job fairs at such places are limited due to the coronavirus, it pays to reach out to faculty deans or program leads that can ensure your company a steady supply of great marketing talent.     



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