5 Things to Highlight on a Marketing Resume

5 Things to Highlight on a Marketing Resume

By Christina M. Nguyen

Before you apply to any jobs, it’s essential that your resume for any digital marketing role is polished and representative of your skills and experience. But in crafting your resume, part of the goal is to also emphasize those things that will make you stand out. Here are five areas to highlight as you think about those marketing-specific roles.   

  1. Certifications

Most marketers already have college degrees but many don’t go out their way to earn additional certifications. Unlike degrees, certifications are an indicator of more specialized abilities. Certifications in Google Ads, Google Analytics, data visualization software, or even from broader digital marketing courses show that you continue to stay relevant with the field.   

  1. Links to your work

Don’t wait until the interview to bring a folder of work samples. Electronically submitted resumes can and should have links to any past work on them. Links to writing samples or ad copy you created for a social media post or a website you helped redesign all help reviewers see your work quickly. If you don’t have a digital copy of something, such as a print ad, take a photo of it and upload it to your portfolio. If you don’t have a portfolio, you can quickly make one on Tumblr or other blogging sites. Let your work speak for itself so your resume isn’t too cluttered.  

  1. Facility with specific marketing platforms

Marketing and sales software can take some time to learn, even for experienced marketers, so showing you already have experience with various platforms is a big bonus for hiring managers. For example, rather than just listing “SEO” as a skill, show that you know Moz, Yoast, SEMRush, or other tools you may have used. In addition to highlighting “email marketing,” list the marketing automation platforms you’ve worked on (Hubspot, Marketo etc.). Are you good with lead generation? Emphasize your Salesforce experience or even specific marketing automation platforms you know.   

  1. Listing measurable, quantifiable results.

Some resumes read as if the candidate just copied their job description. Employers also want to know how you performed. Did your marketing campaign double engagement or improve upon a benchmark where you last worked? If so, say it and use exact numbers. This shows hard evidence of past success that’s easy to understand. Especially convincing will be stats that showed you improved revenue upon any previous performance. 

  1. Non-marketing related skills

Your resume focus isn’t all about marketing or how great you are at, say, creating marketing campaigns. Some marketing roles may include more soft skills such as public speaking. Some might work more closely with developers, so some coding knowledge would come in handy. Some might occasionally call for graphic design help, so listing Photoshop or InDesign is helpful if you have some proficiency there. 

 Know a foreign language? List it, even if it’s just a little as that can come in handy if the company has an international audience. Hiring managers, for example, might see a need to help communicate with international teams. Or, they might want a role to help respond to comments and questions in that language on the company’s social media.  

Does the resume design matter?

According to a recent survey by the Creative Group, 70 percent of employers prefer a traditional resume – even for creative roles. That said, it never hurts to have a modern, visual design that helps you stand out in the resume pile. Just keep in mind that nothing should affect its readability. Your design should still stay professional – avoid bright colors – and don’t change any of your fonts to Comic Sans or Papyrus. Plenty of premade templates are available on sites such as Canva

Having an impressive resume is essential to landing your dream marketing job. By including these five things, we think you’ll put yourself in a better position to get noticed. We know it’s hard out there but stay persistent!  


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