6 Outside-the-Box Strategies for Landing a Marketing Role

6 Outside-the-Box Strategies for Landing a Marketing Role

By Christina M. Nguyen

Looking for a new job is hard. It’s not uncommon, for example, to send dozens of resumes a week to job postings but get minimal replies. Popular job boards such as Indeed and Monster can be flooded with hundreds of applicants per job, making the chances of your resume even getting seen rather remote. 

Understanding this, we at Find My Marketer have compiled six ways you can think outside the box to land a new role:   

  1. Bypass HR and seek out your network for recruiters and hiring managers.

We don’t have anything against HR. But they are often swamped with resumes and, being the first line of review, they might not see your resume the way a hiring manager does for certain marketing roles. That’s why we recommend looking reaching out to your network for individuals who a.) May know of new roles at their current or previous companies that might be hiring and; b.) Can introduce you directly to the hiring manager, particularly as a referral. 

The other suggestion, which job seekers often don’t think about, is recruiters. Many people in your network personally know those who specialize in marketing recruiting and they’d be happy to introduce you.

 In both cases, don’t feel shy about posting your status on social media and suggesting you could use some help in finding what you’re looking for. A simple post such as: “I’m looking for anyone who knows a marketing recruiter. Please DM me if you can introduce me to one!” can make all the difference. Make sure to also thank anyone who reaches out to help you, even if it’s just words of support. At some point, they may remember you are looking the next time something comes across their screen. 

  1. Join your alumni network and attend its virtual events. 

Before the pandemic, plenty of job seekers were finding great leads through informal networking events with former colleagues or perhaps other spur-of-the-moment get-togethers. Many job seekers, though, don’t think to use their alumni network. With virtual events now the norm, many alumni clubs in local cities have taken to holding virtual presentations on different topics of interest with industry speakers. In addition to getting to network with other alums, many of those presenters themselves welcome people reaching out to them. The added benefit: Virtual networking events means access to insightful information from industry speakers without having to dress up or drive. It’s easy to drop your LinkedIn URL in the chat so others can connect with you. And don’t forget to also share your insights on the event’s social media.  

  1. Volunteer and build your network in a new industry.

If you’re looking to expand your network through other ways, look into volunteering. Yes, it’s hard to do a job for no pay. But sometimes you have to think longer term (if you can afford to). There are plenty of national and local nonprofits in need of marketing help but certainly other companies and organizations could use a marketing lift here or there. Perhaps you could help a local restaurant in exchange for a few free meals during the pandemic. Or, find a cause you truly care about and work to raise that organization’s profile. Not only will you gain valuable marketing experience in a new industry, you’ll be meeting others who may be able to introduce you to paid opportunities in the future. 

  1. Seek out a mentor.

While you’re volunteering or maybe when you’re on LinkedIn, don’t be shy about reaching out to someone with more experience than you who has been in your shoes. Tell that individual your current situation and that you’re earnestly seeking out their advice. Also, see if they’d be willing to chat a couple times a month. Many of the mentors you seek out would probably be flattered and would gladly accept if they have the time. Once you establish a relationship, it does a couple things: 1.) Keeps you top of mind when your mentor hears about a potential role and; 2.) Potentially opens your mentor’s network to you. Make sure you always thank that individual for taking the time to help you as well.   

  1. Throw a (virtual) job search party.

With the pandemic, a lot of people you may know might be out of work. In the days before social distancing, job seekers could meet at a bar and commiserate, sharing information about open leads or referrals. Now, you can do the same thing virtually. Try this: Invite the connections you know that may be looking for roles to a virtual happy hour. Set rules that each of you will open your network to each other and share potential leads you may know. Make sure everyone can take turns and talk about their situation. At the very least, there might be ideas for new job boards, recruiters, or other bits of useful and interesting knowledge. It’s good to host a diverse group so there aren’t multiple individuals competing for the same positions! Who knows, maybe even some of you will form your own company as a result!  

  1. Use industry-specific job sites.

Monster, LinkedIn, and Indeed aren’t the only games in town. While you’re revving up your social skills above, you don’t have to completely abandon online job applications. Like everything else, you just need to shift your search to where its most efficient. The marketing industry actually has its own job boards just for specific roles, such as the ones at Find My Marketer. Don’t forget to create a profile today and get access to apply to thousands of potential opportunities.


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