Content marketing specialist

Content Marketing Specialist 

Sample Job Description

As a content marketing specialist, you’ll play a critical role in developing and distributing content that positions the company as a provider of solutions for customers. Your job is to create plenty of engaging, compelling, creative, and interesting content in the form of blog posts, webinars, infographics, videos, podcasts, and more. This position requires stellar writing skills, a fundamental understanding of on-page SEO, a creative vision, a deep understanding of our industry, and plenty of time spent researching audiences. Your content will be key in moving potential and current customers to the next stage of the buying process. 

You’ll be researching interesting topics relevant to our brand as well as explore ways our products can be used, using your knowledge to write valuable guides and other insightful, thought-provoking, informative articles. You won’t just be working with words -- you’ll also play a part strategizing exciting video or other campaigns! Overall, you’ll be giving our target audience more reasons than just our products or services to come to us. 


Typical responsibilities:  

  • Developing content in the different formats based on the established content strategy
  • Performing the research on audiences to ensure quality and relevant information is delivered
  • Perform competitive analysis of competitors’ content strategies, identifying ways to distinguish [your company].
  • Write short and long informational, entertaining blog posts about a variety of content pertinent to our brand, values, and mission
  • Apply on-page SEO strategies to content
  • Write social media copy that immediately engages readers
  • Use Google Analytics to measure campaign success and strategize actionable insights
  • Identifying relevant external content to share on social media, collaborating with social media strategists 
  • Proofread you and your teammates’ content to ensure correct spelling and grammar
  • Develop and maintain a consistent content calendar
  • Collaborating with the design team to ensure content is formatted in a compelling, easy-to-read way
  • Integrate campaigns with other departments when needed 


  • Strong writing skills accompanied by the desire to grow no matter how successful you are
  • Fundamental project-management and time-management skills
  • Experience with content management systems and Microsoft Office products
  • Knowledge of Google Analytics or any analytics platform
  • Fundamental understanding of SEO, particularly on-page SEO
  • A strong ability to put yourself in our audience’s shoes for a while -- it’s important our content is sensitive to their needs and interests
  • Attention to detail