Digital Marketing Manager

Digital Marketing Manager

Sample Job Description

The digital marketing manager will play a crucial role in the oversight of all of our marketing campaigns. You’ll be leading the development, implementation, and tracking of campaigns in SEM, social media, video, and other content, reviewing the work of multiple teams. We’re looking for a someone who absolutely loves marketing and is confident being a company leader, spearheading initiatives from ideation to execution. Our marketing manager will have a thorough understanding of the customer journey from the top to the bottom of the funnel so they can monitor initiatives at every point. 


Typical Responsibilities: 

  • Initiate and lead brainstorming of new creative concepts with different marketing teams (e.g content, social media)
  • Implement creative strategies in social media, content, SEM, and email campaigns
  • Set the tone of voice for each campaign based on department strategy, setting up clear examples for team members
  • Optimize website for search and paid campaigns
  • Oversee A/B testing protocols and procedures, analyzing and reporting the results
  • Work with marketing analysts to make data-driven decisions
  • Monitor digital marketing news to keep company aligned on any new marketing and societal trends, then clearly communicate any significant updates to team members
  • Meet or exceed KPIs for all campaigns
  • Measure and report on campaign performance
  • Work with social media team to ensure proper posting protocols and community management
  • Work with graphic designers and photographers to ensure all art adheres with brand and campaign strategy



  • 7 to 10 years of experience in marketing or digital content
  • A strong creative mind with a willingness to think outside of the box
  • An approach that’s assertive, efficient, but also understands what effective leadership skills are
  • Adaptable to new trends and influencing current events
  • A deep understanding of our brand, past campaigns, and future goals
  • Great interpersonal skills that hold up across a diverse range of groups
  • An eye for photography and graphic design -- you don’t need to know any yourself, but enough to assure quality and brand adherence
  • Excellent grasp of all social media platforms, especially in overall posting strategy and community management
  • Some basic coding skills in HTML, CSS, and Javascript a plus