E-commerce Specialist

E-commerce Specialist

Sample Job Description

This position helps to manage our e-commerce process and operations. You’ll be enhancing our customers’ e-commerce experience by assisting with product titling and descriptions, maintaining our product listings, identifying any inconsistencies, and optimizing pages for usability and design. Your responsibility for the presentation and content of our e-commerce pages will pay a critical part in the final stage of our customers’ journey. 

Typical responsibilities: 

  • Enter new products into system and proofread copy from copywriting team, keeping SEO best practices in mind
  • Review products in the system, ensuring the accuracy of content
  • Work with product development team to develop product expertise, ensuring products are appropriately and thoroughly described and categorized
  • A/B test and optimize the platform to ensure the maximum number of customers complete the purchase stage
  • Collaborate with analysts to understand audience to make well-informed business decisions
  • Provide detailed reporting on product trends to relevant teams
  • Develop creative, innovative processes to present products in a user-friendly manner
  • Respond to user reviews in a friendly, helpful, and appropriate manner
  • Monitor inventory and communicate inventory status to customers and other departments
  • Study marketing campaigns to understand the tone and voice of our brand strategy
  • Contribute insights to marketing, sales, customer service, and product development departments
  • Work with customer service team to oversee customer communications regarding online ordering 


  • Amazing organizational skills -- we’ve got plenty of products to organize
  • Understanding of e-commerce best practices 
  • Attention to detail, particularly in the copy for our product descriptions
  • Great interpersonal skills to smoothly collaborate with other departments
  • Experience with Shopify or similar e-commerce platforms
  • Experience with short-form copywriting
  • Fundamental knowledge of on-page SEO
  • Sensitivity and understanding of the buyer’s journey