Marketing Operations and Analytics Manager

Marketing Operations and Analytics Manager

Sample Job Description

The Marketing Operations Manager focuses on the strategy and operations of the department’s marketing efforts, including overseeing paid media, marketing databases, and marketing automation systems. This individual will track performance in areas such as paid search, email, lead generation, and sales and help teams optimize based on that data.


Typical Responsibilities:

  • Ensure best-practice implementation of email and marketing automation practices, including segmentation and personalization
  • Ensure a strong ROI on all paid media campaigns, adjusting tactics to reduce cost per acquisition while maximizing revenue
  • Maintain client databases to ensure accurate information
  • Perform data mining and management
  • Oversee data collection and lead the process of collecting insights
  • Work with sales team to track key activities and advise on further actions 
  • Report in detail metrics from social media channels and website
  • Stay updated on best practices in data integrity and security, communicating this with your team



  • 7 to 10 years experience in a relevant position with demonstrated success
  • Knows Google Analytics inside and out
  • Excellent communication skills since you’ll be leading a team
  • Expert in problem-solving and project management
  • Operational knowledge of best practices in paid search, paid social, native advertising, paid display, and video advertising
  • Understanding of machine learning (such as predictive modeling, decision trees, classification models, clustering techniques)
  • A degree or certification in marketing and computer science a plus