Paid Media (Search, Social, Display) Manager

Paid Media (Search, Social, Display) Manager

Sample Job Description

The paid media (search) manager will be responsible for overseeing all paid media campaigns, including search campaigns executed with Google Ads and Bing, social media advertising (including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube),  Ads, or other social media platforms. The position will also handle placement of paid programmatic display campaigns on various networks. The manager will monitor budgets, set KPIs, and lead the overall paid campaign strategies. 

 The paid search manager will ideally have at least 3 to 5 years of experience working with paid search campaigns and have a strong fundamental understanding of SEM, short-form copywriting, SEO, and relevant ad tools and platforms. 

Typical responsibilities: 

  • Researching a wide variety of ideas for future strategies, including successful and unsuccessful case studies
  • Write compelling but easy-to-read ad copy
  • Monitor and oversee implementation of campaigns and performance
  • Adjust campaigns in response to performance
  • Provide direction for keyword selection and audience targeting
  • Perform research on target audience(s)
  • Lead the development and implementation of new campaigns across multiple channels
  • Keep your team updated on PPC, SEM, social media, and display trends and changes
  • Lead A/B testing across platforms
  • Lead competitor research
  • Work with fellow marketing managers to discuss insights, brainstorm strategies 


  • A thorough understanding of data analysis and reporting with the ability to translate it in an understandable way to others
  • A deep understanding of SEM, display, and paid and organic social media best practices
  • An empathy for audience pain points and challenges
  • A strategic approach to paid media
  • A dedication to being results-driven
  • A keen attention to details
  • Ability to manage financial planning and budgeting
  • Experience using keyword research tools
  • Openness to learning about and absorbing changes in technology, culture, and other factors that influence campaign success
  • Google AdWords and Analytics certifications