Search Engine Marketing Specialist

Search Engine Marketing Specialist 

Sample Job Description

We’re looking for a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) specialist to help manage all our pay-per-click campaigns and SEO strategy across Google and Bing. This role will be an important part of attracting new visitors and driving engagement and conversions. The specialist managing daily budgets, pacing, and working with the marketing operations manager to execute the overall strategy.  


Typical Responsibilities: 

  • Edit and polish ad and landing page copy
  • Perform keyword research for both PPC and SEO implementation
  • Optimize website landing pages and blog posts for search ranking and higher quality scores
  • Work with web developers to optimize web design for SEO
  • Perform and lead competitive analysis to identify gaps and areas for improvement
  • Perform A/B testing to continuously optimize performance
  • Establish metrics to determine PPC effectiveness
  • Define and monitor PPC budgets to ensure target department spend and ROI 



  • 3-7 years experience working with SEO and PPC
  • Ability to understand the needs and issues of your audience
  • Basic HTML and CSS to assist with basic web design
  • Good interpersonal communication with diverse teams
  • Ability to turn insights into actions that improve performance
  • Great copywriting skills