Social Media Marketing Manager

Social Media Marketing Manager

Sample Job Description

The company’s social media marketing manager will oversee all of the company’s social media posting, including paid ads. The manager will be able to adhere to frequent deadlines, consistently drum up new ideas, communicate the brand’s updates, mission, and values, and be able to respond to followers’ comments and questions in a friendly, engaging manner. 

Typical responsibilities:  

  • Develop strategy for social media campaigns adhering to brand mission and goals while staying in touch with current events
  • Write engaging captions that are quickly understood and are helpful without being too lengthy
  • Determine overall aesthetic, voice, and tone of social posts based on department strategy
  • Work with graphic designers and photographers to ensure photos align with brand visuals
  • Define and analyze critical KPIs
  • Work with the content marketing manager to determine the best ways for presenting and summarizing content on social media
  • Keep up with updated social media best practices and teach them to your team
  • Put together presentations of campaign strategies and analytics to present to other teams



  • A love of social media -- not just for networking, but following and learning from other brands as well
  • Being resourceful -- you’ll have to create new content every day
  • Solid leadership skills
  • Time management and planning
  • Empathetic communication skills to handle social media inquiries
  • Ability to understand differing perspectives and experiences
  • Some customer service experience would be ideal 
  • Experience with social automation software, scheduling, and workflows
  • 5 to 7 years of experience managing or running social media operations