Website Marketing Manager

Website Marketing Manager

Sample Job Description

As the website marketing manager, you’ll be managing our website experience with the primary responsibility ensuring visitors find what they’re looking for and move down the funnel toward purchase/conversion. With our design team, you’ll be responsible for maintaining the brand consistency and user experience (UX), optimizing the site for search (SEO), and developing landing pages for particular campaigns. Since marketing is constantly evolving, you’ll be in charge of conducting research on the most current status of competitors’ sites and marketing trends. Overall, we’re looking for someone who can give us an outstanding web presence that is user-friendly, modern, and engaging from the beginning to the end of the customer’s journey. 

Typical Responsibilities:  

  • Collaborating with web designers to ensure website aligns with brand aesthetics and mission
  • Leading the landing-page strategy and revisions to support new campaigns in email, social media, and content
  • Assisting copywriters with proofreading blog posts and other content marketing campaigns
  • Reviewing graphic design to ensure quality and brand voice
  • Collaborating with copywriters and web designers to monitor and improve SEO of all website pages and online campaigns
  • Researching and communicating current trends in digital marketing, such as adapting to current events 
  • Discussing website and campaign performance with our marketing analyst and determining and communicating actionable insights
  • Monitoring online traffic and conversions
  • Working with web developers to ensure proper functionality of website, fixing broken links or images
  • Monitoring reviews and news for any feedback on online campaigns and website functionality
  • Staying up to date with SEO best practices  


  • 3 to 5 years of experience managing a website or with website redesigns
  • Great interpersonal/communication skills -- you’ll be working with a diverse array of teams
  • A deep understanding of our audience needs and challenges
  • Attention to detail
  • Fundamental knowledge of HTML and CSS. Javascript would be a plus.
  • Copywriting skills a must
  • Familiarity with modern website design + UX/UI design best practices
  • Dedication to understanding brand values and mission in all aspects of your work with us
  • Dedication to staying on top of trends in graphic design, digital marketing, and our industry overall
  • Some customer service experience -- we need someone who will understand our customer needs and their buying journey